The best personalised gift for teachers with the children’s drawings

It’s time to start planning and thinking about new and original heartfelt gifts for the teachers who have given their all this year for our children.  So what could be better than a personalised gift for the teacher with not only their students’ names, but also with their own drawings?

Undoubtedly, every year it’s a challenge to figure out how we can surpass the gift for the teacher from the year before. Therefore, we thought we would help you with some original ideas of personalised gifts for the teacher. Specially gifts where the students are the protagonists, as the custom design will integrate their own drawings and make the coolest gift ever for their teacher.

Of course that ordering personalised gifts for the teacher from the whole class may sound like a daunting task. But in reality, at makes we make it easy: you can simply download our template for children to use as the canvas. Now that will make the process much simpler, that we can assure you!

So, if you are already wondering how to give a big “thank you” for all the dedication, patience and affection from your children’s favourite teachers, pay attention to all these fun creative ideas, in order to make a personalised gift for the teacher full of sentiment that will become an unforgettable memory of their students. Because that’s what the teachers are like: unforgettable.

But the most important part? Through the process, all the children in the class are the artists and participate with their drawings, with the possibility to personalise the gift for their teacher in a thousand different ways. They’ll be the protagonists of such a moving moment for teachers and students, the end-of-school-year farewell.

Hands, hands and more hands

Who hasn’t used paint to imprint the little one’s hand on a mural? Undeniably, little handprints are a very original way to personalise any craft or gift. So, if the idea is to leave a mark, what better personalised for the teacher who has marked our kids forever? All those teachers who have made learning an adventure, who have always guided and protected our children? Take a look at how to order a personalised gift for the teacher with our handprint pattern in just 1 minute.

Fular personalizado para profesora con manos y nombres de sus alumnos en colores

Personalized scarf with children’s hand pattern and typography

The self-portrait

What’s more, with a self-portrait of each student you will always get it right. To illustrate themselves is ideal for our personalised gifts for teachers, and also – EVERYONE ABSOLUTELY LOVES DOING IT. Nothing like immortalising those drawings that define each child and the way they see themselves. And what if instead of self-portraits, we try to get each child to draw a classmate? This is a good way for children to learn to highlight the good and beautiful things that define the people around them. Use the self-portrait to personalise your favourite product: a bag, a blanket, a towel, a scarf… so many options! Don’t forget to read about how to make the drawings for Let’s Doodle Too.

Personalized blanket for teachers with their students’ self-portraits

DIY Crafts

Moreover, other crafts that children can make themsleves are a pencil holder, a photo frame, a bookmark, a bouquet of paper flowers, a plant pot, a postcard or letter… subsequently, there is an infinite number of personalised gift ideas that you can create with just a little imagination and creativity. Of course we absolutely adore the “do it yourself” trend – it teaches us to recycle, reuse, exercise our minds and creativity and above all, make personalised gifts for the teacher with a lot of genuine love.

At any rate, if you already have the idea for a personalised gift for the teacher and don’t know how to transform it into something unforgettable, our varied catalogue of personalised  gifts for teachers will help you.

Collage manualidades para profesores diy

Combine & Create

Certainly, creativity comes from colours, shapes, textures, order, disorder… So let your kids become artists and give free rein to their minds. They are the protagonists, and we just do a little bit of magic to turn it into the best personalised gifts for the teacher. In addition, you can visit our inspiration wall to light that creativity spark, and decide what’s the best personalised gift for the teacher of you kid’s class!

dibujos de niños para personalizar regalos de profesores
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